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Extra Crazy Features that will

Boost Your Productivity And Sales

In the process of developing our platform, the satisfaction of end-users are the most important and the focus is on usability and completeness which lead to their business growth.

Automate Replies

Automate Replies

Provide exceptional customer service. Enable transactions for the better experience.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Build brand trust. Be responsive and keep things personalized. Maintain brand voice.

Get More Leads

Get More Leads

With 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Messenger and Instagram beat every other channel like email campaign and broadcasts.

Get More Leads

Get More Leads

The satisfaction of users is the most important and the focus is on usability and completeness

Better Experience

Diverse Selection of Pre-made Bot Templates

We have clients from around the world and each belongs to different business industries. Hence, we have prepared huge selection of pre-made Bot Templates so you can accelerate your brand in no time.

Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking
News Blog
News Blog
Delivery Service
Delivery Service
...and a lot more!
...and a lot more!
Diverse Selection of Pre-made Bot Templates
Grow Your Business Faster

Messenger is the Best Marketing Channel to Get Highest Result

10x more powerful than email marketing. Provide automated customer service without spending any time.

  • No Subscription Messaging Approval Needed
  • Sync Existing Subscribers
  • Send Bulk Messages to Old & New Subscribers
  • Segment Subscribers
  • View your Products/Services right in Messenger
  • Insgtagram Chat Integrated
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Start In No Time

Get Started With Few Simple Steps

It's easier than you think. Follow the below easy steps:

Import Accounts
Social Bot
Seamless Integration

We Integrated Your Favorite Social Media

Give your audience and followers more ways to engage and interact with your business and brand. Our platform will help you to accomplish a few key goals: to increase your brand reach and awareness.

Start Now For Free

Claim your 14 days free trial today!

Try EChat Club for 14 days - no commitment, no credit card needed and risk-free. Get the feel of our powerful software and decide which package is suitable for you and your brand.

Choose A Plan That's Right For You

Simple Pricing Plans

EChat Club has plans, from free to paid, that scale with your needs. Subscribe to a plan that fits the size of your business.

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Ultimate Package
Ultimate Package
  • Auto Feed - WordPress Feed Post
  • Auto Feed - YouTube Video Post
  • Comment Automation : Auto Comment Campaign
  • Comment Automation : Auto Reply Posts
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Bulk Comment Reply Campaign
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Comment & Bulk Tag Campaign
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Comment Hide/Delete and Reply with multimedia content
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Full Page Auto Like/Share
  • Comment Reply Enhancers : Full Page Auto Reply
  • Conversation Promo Broadcast Send
  • E-commerce Digital Product
  • E-commerce Product Price Variation
  • Email Broadcast - Email Send
  • Email Broadcast - Sequence Campaign
  • Email Phone Opt-in Form Builder
  • Facebook Accounts
  • Facebook Live Streaming - Crossposting/Auto Share/Comment
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Pages - Subscribers/Page
  • Facebook Posting : Text/Image/Link/Video Post
  • Facebook Posting : Carousel/Slider Post
  • Facebook Posting : CTA Post
  • Facebook Posting : Live Streaming Campaigns
  • Google My Business: Account Import
  • Google My Business: Answer To Questions
  • Google My Business: Media Upload To Locations
  • Google My Business: Post To Locations
  • Google My Business: Reply To Reviews
  • Google My Business: RSS Auto Posting
  • Instagram Auto Comment Reply Enable Post
  • Instagram Bot and Private Reply - Campaigns
  • Instagram Posting : Image/Video Post
  • Instagram Reply Enhancers - Campaigns
  • Live Chat
  • Messenger Bot
  • Messenger Bot - Connectivity : JSON API
  • Messenger Bot - Connectivity : Webview Builder
  • Messenger Bot - Email Auto Responder
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Message Send
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Checkbox Plugin
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Customer Chat Plugin
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Links
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Send to Messenger
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Sequence Messaging : Message Send
  • Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Sequence Messaging Campaign
  • Messenger Bot - Persistent Menu
  • Messenger Bot - Persistent Menu : Copyright Enabled
  • Messenger Bot : Export, Import & Tree View
  • Messenger E-commerce
  • One Time Notification Send
  • RSS Auto Posting
  • SMS Broadcast - Sequence Campaign
  • SMS Broadcast - SMS Send
  • Social Poster - Access
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Linkedin
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Medium
  • Social Poster - Account Import : WordPress
  • Social Poster - Account Import : WordPress (Self hosted)
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Blogger
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Pinterest
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Reddit
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Twitter
  • Social Poster - Account Import : Youtube
  • Social Poster - HTML Post
  • Social Poster - Image Post
  • Social Poster - Link Post
  • Social Poster - Text Post
  • Social Poster - Video Post
  • Subscriber Manager : Background Lead Scan
  • User Input Flow Campaign
  • Utility Search Tools
  • Visual flow builder access
  • Whatsapp Send Order
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • WooCommerce Integration


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Walkthrough
Frequently Asked Questions
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Is it safe and legal?

Using our platform is absolutely safe and legal! We're just leveraging on the open APIs of different Social Networking sites, nothing that breaks the rules.

I am a beginner at Online Marketing, can I learn this easy?

Our platform is beginner friendly! We have tons of Documents and video tutorials to help you get started.

Is there a dashboard available?

Of course. Through your dashboard, you can easily manage messenger bots, ecommerce store, social media campaigns, view statistic reports and a lot more to maximize what we can offer!

Can I unsubscribe anytime? How about refunds?

Definitely you can unsubscribe with us anytime and may continue to use your current package until it expires.

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We got you covered all throughout to maximize all the features our platform offers.

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