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المواصفات الرئيسية    Yellow Vegetable Ghee    2.5Kg...
Ex Tax:LE69.00
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A respirator box 3 layers 50 s..
Ex Tax:LE150.00
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High quality pieces of smoked herring fillets. It is very light with high protein content.     Light    High protein content    190 g..
Ex Tax:LE79.00
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Amanda Seafoods is an active partner. Our foodservice products is a strong brand with focus on great taste, high quality and sustainability. In collaboration with Amanda Seafoods the author Maria Engbjerg inspires and develops recipesSalmon fillet     High quality salmon (salar s..
Ex Tax:LE115.00
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Al-Najjar ground Brazilian coffee     Turkish coffee     Masters     100 grams     Plastic package     Light..
Ex Tax:LE13.00
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Apple cider vinegar is made from a group of apples with a sour flavor, and it is very suitable for cooking. It is widely used for an unlimited number of salads and sauces added to different foodsالمواصفات الرئيسية    Choice    Apple Vinegar    100% natura..
Ex Tax:LE60.00
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Pickled lemon     Net Weight: 2500 kg     Drained Weight: 1500 kg     Keep in the refrigerator after opening     Keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight..
Ex Tax:LE65.00
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Multipurpose towels     Used for the kitchen     For polishing purposes     To clean screens     To clean cars     To polish the glass..
Ex Tax:LE45.00
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Decent chocolate natural Hazelnut 100%Ingredients :     sugar     Cocoa butter substitutes (vegetable oils)     Natural crushed hazelnuts     Powdered milk without toxin     Natural cocoa powder ..
Ex Tax:LE39.00
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Dettol Hand Sanitizer Instant Gel 50 ml..
Ex Tax:LE27.75
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Cashew nuts contain high levels of iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorous, and manganese. Monounsaturated fatty acids that promote healthy levels of good cholesterol. It also reduces triglyceride levels, which help in improving glucose management for a person with diabetes. Magnesium, which prot..
Ex Tax:LE245.00
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